​​​​​CSSI - Cost Segregation Services Inc.  We perform an engineering based,  "Certain Method" Cost Segregation Study.  We work with tax professionals and commercial property owners to re-classifies building components and "Units of Property" into shorter depreciation lives.  The result is MORE tax savings!

For every 1M in property value, our services can put an additional $60K - $100K in tax savings in the owner's pocket.

Our expertise in managing energy efficiency projects and capturing the associated tax savings (local utility rebates, 179D incentives, tax savings from dispositions) is unmatched!  In addition to helping clients learn about their current energy consumption, we implement the solutions whereby organizations use less energy.  We facilitate the transition to more environmentally friendly energy alternatives (LED lighting, solar etc...). For commercial clients, we can even broker natural gas and electricity at wholesale prices.   

Our partners analyze many areas in which your organization spends moneyto develop and implement the solutions to maximize your savings.

Smart Energy Sensory Management  -  Let us connect you with our partner who will forensically monitor the efficiency of your building systems, thus saving tremendously on operational costs.

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Tax Saving and Cost Reduction Strategies


AMAZING Cost Reduction Opportunities for Commercial and Residential Clients

  • Electricity, TV, Internet, Security, Cable, Mobile, Pest Control. MORE....​