Energy De-Regulation has occurred in most states in the US.  By this, the government broke-up the monopoly that many utility companies enjoyed in the geographies they served.  The government now allows businesses and consumers to have a CHOICE in the "suppliers" of natural gas and electricity that they wish to supply their business.  The utility company remains responsible for delivering and servicing the supply of the commodity.  In many states, there are anywhere from six, to upwards of thirty licensed suppliers from which businesses and consumers can choose.

Not all suppliers are created EQUALLY everyday”    That’s why we partnered with a company that is the business of doing the leg-work for our clients and pairing up each client with the supplier that can best accommodate their needs.   They analyze our client’s utility and supplier bills and look for things like peak and off-peak usages, and any other particulars that are unique to the client’s business.  Natural gas and electricity are commodities and prices can change daily, so its important to monitor the market treads.   Lastly, they will present a few options from which the client can choose.  Over the years, they have saved tens of thousands of dollars for our clients!

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Solar  -   Many organizations pride themselves on their “sustainability initiatives” promoting conservation and cost reduction.

Smart Energy Sensory Management  -  Let us connect you with our partner who will forensically monitor the efficiency of your building systems, thus saving tremendously on operational costs. 

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LED  -      LED lights reduce costs, cut down on the amount of heat generated from traditional bulbs and they are more environmentally “friendly” than traditional incandescent or fluorescent bulbs.  Our TURN-KEY SOLUTIONS will save you money on your utility bills.  Our expertise goes far beyond that of many other companies that provide LED lighting solutions.   In many cases, our engineers can calculate and capture additional tax saving dollars for our clients.  We are experts at facilitating the 179D tax reduction CSSI 179D Tax Incentive.pdf initiatives for owners of commercial property and 45L tax incentives residential/commercial property owners.  Additional 179D tax savings are also available for efficiency improvements to HVAC systems and the building envelope.  

There are a host of additional TAX SOLUTIONS that may be available for your specific situation.

Tax Saving and Cost Reduction Strategies.