Through our partnership with CSSI (Cost Segregation Services Inc.) we provide the engineering based calculations that allows tax consultants to maximize the tax savings for clients.   Our approach is deemed a “CERTAIN METHOD.” By defining and valuating units of property and building systems, we provide the calculations that tax professionals need in order to accelerate depreciation and increase tax deductions.  Additionally, our services offer the framework for organizations to comply with the NEW Tangible Property Regulations (Repair Regs). 

Our partnership with a company that  negotiates savings on everyday services for businesses and consumers is a NO-RISK offer!

Take a look, upload your bill and let us go to work on your behalf!   

Lastly, our expertise in managing energy efficiency projects and capturing the associated tax savings (local utility rebates, 179D tax incentives and tax savings from dispositions) is unmatched!    In addition to helping clients learn about their current energy consumption, we implement solutions whereby organizations use less energy. We help organizations transition to more environmentally friendly energy alternatives (LED lighting, solar etc...). For commercial clients, we can help you save on natural gas, electricity and solar.


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